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Call: 1300 660 445, We Deals in Bosch, DSC, Ness, Paradox, Crow, Hills Brands.
A division of Pacific security technology Pty Ltd
Master Licence: 408770551

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When he first moved to Sydney, back in the 80s, Basel Basset couldn’t find the help he needed to set up the most appropriate security for his home. With a decade’s experience in professional alarm services back home, he realised that he’d need to do the installation on his own.

As he sketched the layout, drilled the holes and twisted the screws, it dawned on Basel that other people in Sydney were likely to have had the same bad experiences when having their alarm fitted or serviced in the past, heck, maybe even some homes didn’t have working alarms at all!

He stopped in his tracks, got out the phone book and, with no Google back then, made a few calls to recommended contractors and reviewed their performances in performing his installation.

Several candidates later, Basel managed to find someone special, William, Pacific Security Technology’s Top Alarm Technician. Together, they established themselves as the leading security services team in Sydney.

Second-to-none in workmanship, Basel branched out, building several subdivisions of Pacific Security Technology as a means to provide a wider scope of services to a larger pool of people in need.

You may have heard of some of them and if so, don’t forget to check their respective social media sites and blogs for information on discounts or upcoming specials;


And more.

Since those humble beginnings, Basel and William have serviced well over a thousand properties across over 200 suburbs across Sydney – and now, with Pacific Security Technology establishing itself as a leader in the field, the team has grown to encompass a larger team of professional, vetted technicians and administrative personnel.

Keeping the operation small is imperative to providing the high quality services at the lowest prices and, as in doing so, Basel has been able to maintain an impeccable reputation in the field and bring Pacific Security Technology a 5-Star rating across all online platforms.

Pacific Security Technology prides itself on real expertise across both product knowledge and best service practices, ensuring that your property, no matter its size, is seen to with the utmost care and due diligence.

Through ensuring that each technician is fully equipped to handle 99% of all alarm issues and malfunctions, Basel and his colleagues do their best to save you time and money by striving to have your services seen to in just one visit.

That means no unnecessary holes, no stains or marks, no loose wires and no wonky keypads – only professional, clean-cut alarm services from as little as $185.00 Inc. GST or less!

As a means to further extend our reach and provide the same high-quality services to a wider audience, we have recently started respective Facebook pages for PST and Alarm Doctor, be sure to check them out for the latest discounts and special deals!

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Pacific Security Technology offers some of the best security services in New South Wales, including;

  • Professional Alarm Repairs,
  • Alarm and Security System Upgrades,
  • Security System Maintenance,
  • Alarm Installations and Replacements,
  • Security Solutions for Strata Management,
  • Back-to-Base Monitoring,
  • Guard Response Services and
  • Insurance Liaison Solutions.

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If you’d like to know more about Pacific Security Technology, or you’d like to reach out to Basel or his colleagues for help with your alarm system, please feel free to call on 1300 660 445. You can contact us online by clicking here at any time.

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